LG 42" LW5700 - FULL HD CINEMA 3D AND SMART TV WITH MAGIC MOTION in Marine Crescent, East Singapore for sale

LG 42
LG 42
LG 42
LG 42

Hi! I am selling my used LG 42" LW5700 - FULL HD CINEMA 3D AND SMART TV WITH MAGIC MOTION REMOTE CONTROL. Has 3 pairs of not broken official LG 3D glasses, 1 pair of broken LG 3D glass, 3 more pairs of non LG 3D glasses that work with the TV. Still got the TV manual. Still have the box if you are interested in it but no styrofoam. TV's a bit dusty haha
Bought similar non LG remote because the original remote has issues - some of the original TV remote buttons suddenly stopped working and I do not have time to go to the LG service center. Please see below for remote control buttons that do not work:
- Input
- Number 6
- Number 7
- 3D button - this one gives you the option to convert 2D to 3D, or downloaded 3D movies to show correctly. This can still be accessed in the Menu.
- Q.Menu - just a quick menu button. All features can still be accessed by the Menu button.
- Left menu arrow
- Red button - not the power button
*** Mute button - for some reason, this does not mute the TV. It instead also functions as a power button.
Behind the TV, on top, there's about 30 cm of sticky residue due to using double sided tape to tape home design to it.
You have to pick it up from my place.
Will throw in a couple of used blu-rays () for free with the purchase: Iron-Man 3, Man of Steel, Green Lantern, Superman Returns
Please contact me if you have any other questions.